Can You Get Rid Of Herpes With Emerging Cures For Genital Herpes?

Can you Get Rid of Herpes? Are there emerging cures for genital Herpes which might help win the fight?

There are emerging cures for genital Herpes, many under development and some which actually show great promise and novelty in their approach. However, it will most likely be years before doctors know whether the promise they have shown in initial research will translate into a significant advance with respect to the can you get rid of Herpes question!

If you research can you get rid of Herpes right now, you will find that instead of cures for genital Herpes there are many options for suppression of the symptoms during an outbreak. There are also options which claim to help reduce the overall number of outbreaks. These are not cures for genital Herpes, but they certainly help out. The fewer outbreaks, the better! And the less severe the outbreaks, well that is all the better also!

Your doctor will generally prescribe antiviral medications. The problem with this is that the antiviral medications and your own immune system can only fight the part of the virus which activates. While the virus is dormant in your body, it locates itself deep in the central nervous system close to the base of the spine.

There, it is impervious to the antiviral medicine and your immune system cannot even detect it, so it doesn’t know that it needs to be working to fight it! And because only a part of the virus becomes active after it is triggered, no matter how successfully the antiviral medication works or no matter how strong the antibodies are in your immune system they are only fighting a small piece of the virus.

That is the reason why no cures for genital Herpes have been developed to date. One of the more promising potential cures is a process which might cause the entire virus to activate at once. Apparently this has been achieved in lab tests on animals, but it is yet to be replicated or tested on humans. If that approach is ultimately successful then the question is can you get rid of Herpes with antiviral treatment if the entire virus is active at once. In terms of cures for genital Herpes this appears to be the most promising approach but it is years away from practical application at this point.

Some of the most successful treatments have been homeopathic! Addressing the triggers which cause the virus to activate in the first place, and the environment with which the virus has to contend when it surfaces have been among the most successful approaches. Can you get rid of Herpes this way? No! However, if cures for genital Herpes were defined in terms of the absence of outbreaks, these have been the most successful approach!

Explore successful homeopathic approaches and be outbreak-free forever!

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